William L. Sparks & Associates, LLC, is a professional services firm focused on helping clients improve corporate performance, employee engagement and overall effectiveness.

Each client partnership is unique and is based on understanding the underlying issues and challenges, and designing and implementing a targeted program, project or intervention aimed at achieving measurable results.

Although the types of engagements vary, recent projects include change management, enhancing employee engagement and retention, facilitating corporate creativity and innovation, and leadership and team development.
Dr Will Sparks

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Dr. Will Sparks

Our focus is simple - improving organizational performance while enhancing the satisfaction and motivation of individuals. Dr. Sparks has developed two proprietary assessments for improving individual, team and organizational performance.

Actualized Leadership

A 77-item assessment that measures leadership style based on individual motivation.

Group Culture Profile

a 20-item group assessment that measures the emotional intelligence and resulting “culture” of teams and organizations.