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“Will Sparks is the ‘Jedi Master’ of leadership development.”

— Cathy Bessant, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Bank of America 

"Will's approach and framework will provide you with immediate insight and the self-awareness necessary to become a more effective and resilient leader." —Steve Clifford, Head Coach, Orlando Magic 

“Actualized Leadership is the leadership book I’ve been waiting for.  With his insightful and readable style, Sparks uncovers how a deep  understanding of our motivation and experiences can help us reach our  full potential as leaders and human beings.” — Jonathan S. Halkyard, President and CEO, Extended Stay America

“Dr. Will Sparks has cemented his reputation as one of the country’s  foremost experts on leadership. As a former senior government executive,  I value the path to personal improvement described so meticulously his  work. Whether for government or business, this timely book should be  required reading for those navigating the challenges we all face in our  daily lives.”

— Dr. Jack Caravelli, Visiting Professor, University of Oxford

“Anyone who is currently in a leadership position or aspires to lead  an organization will benefit from Will’s insight. Becoming a self-aware  leader with true perspective is impossible without the proper framework.  Actualized Leadership not only provides the framework, but also the  tools that will allow you to unlock your ultimate potential as a  leader.”

— Peter M. Guelli, Chief Commercial Officer, New York Giants

“The Actualized Leadership framework serves as the foundation for our  executive leadership programs and Will’s approach has created great  results with our current and future leaders. Actualized Leadership  allows you to focus on the critical attributes necessary to realize your  leadership potential.”

— Timothy Craven, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, JELD-WEN Inc.

“There is no greater learning experience than having a guide who is  both brutally honest and detailed about his own failings, while  providing evidence-based insight and advice about how to reach a new  level of growth as a human being. Dr. Sparks delivers both, and he has  written a book I recommend to anyone who wants to be a better person and  build a better world.”

— Dr. Eric B. Dent, Professor & Uncommon Friends Endowed Chair in Ethics, Florida Gulf Coast University

“A solid framework and strategy is fundamental to achieving a goal.  In Actualized Leadership, Sparks delivers a simple process that enables  personal and professional growth for every level of leader.” 

— Dwayne Black, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Shutterfly

“In Actualized Leadership, Will has given us a powerful framework to  decode leadership and ourselves. It will challenge you to seek answers  to questions you might rather ignore, but are absolutely critical for  discovering your purpose and living at your highest potential.”

— Stephen C. Montague, President and Chief Executive Officer, Midrex Technologies

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